I have successfully worked in the fashion industry for 16 yrs in senior creative and management roles in agency and editorial studio and retail environments.

My core skills are: 
* the identification of key emerging trends and markets
* concept creation and production of creative ideas of targeted marketing across many media platforms
* art direction, styling and production with varying time-frames, and budget constraints

Achieving success in senior roles, has involved: 
* accepting responsibility for the final product 
* time-management and problem solving skills 
* the ability to build teams, to coach and mentor 
* to work collaboratively with internal and external teams and agencies
* to identify and utilise innovative technologies
* fostering solid relationships with in the fashion industry

Thinking creatively, managing and collaborating with others to position and promote brand image and products in ways that capture market share and build successful businesses, that is my passion. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

Olivia Waugh                  0434 555 614               oliviawaugh@icloud.com